Collection: Sluice Matting

Developed on the Fraser River of British Columbia that's notorious for its abundant black sand, paper thin flakes and flour gold. Made in Canada with high grade TPE that's more tolerant to abrasion, UV breakdown, and sub-freezing temperatures, our modular, interlocking Gold Treads A/T Drop Riffle Sluice Mat is the fastest and most versatile sluice matting system you'll ever use.

Our custom profile tolerates a wide range of pitches and water volume allowing you to more easily tune your system to your ground and your gold. It installs in secure, interlocking segments so you can pull and test single sections on the fly or test your whole system in sections to analyze your capture rates.

Want to know if you're on the gold? -Pull the top mat, rinse it into a pan, replace it and continue running in seconds.

Want to know if you're losing gold? -Pull the bottom mat and check your capture rates.

Tolerant to starts, stops, surging and whitewashing, we're confident you'll never use another mat again.