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Gold Trek 6" Ultralight Backpack Highbanker

Gold Trek 6" Ultralight Backpack Highbanker

The most innovative highbanker on the market. Period. 

We have specially designed this system for maximum productivity in the smallest package possible while keeping every feature you'd want in a traditional highbanker. 

Features and Specs:

  • Large unobstructed hopper with integrated water line
  • Standard 1 inch NPT threaded PVC water intake
  • 3/8" and 1/2" snap-in classifiers
  • 6" x 38" sluice box that breaks in half for efficient storage and transport
  • Neoprene rubber damper
  • Gold Treads A/T Sluice Matting with hold down strip compatible with many 3rd party sluice mats
  • Fully adjustable flared leg system for maximum stability
  • All stainless steel hardware
  • NO TOOLS REQUIRED! No hardware to remove for cleanup or disassembly. No more lost wing nuts! (spares still included just in case)
  • - *NEW* Custom made duffel style mesh storage bag

Total weight : 11.4 lbs

Packed Dimensions: 22" x 10" x 9"

If you need help choosing a water supply for your Gold Trek, please see our pump selection information page.

Patent Pending. Designed and Assembled in Canada, Manufactured in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Amazing, light weight, portable full size highbanker.

Outstanding machine!

Just bought this after seeing paully use it. These things are well thought out and very light. Cyle you have a very nice product here. I live in the black hills of South dakota and got this thing yesterday. Took it out and hooked up a 2200gph battery pump, with 25ft of 1 1/4 hose to test. Work like a charm. The only negative thing I have to say is that immediately shouldering the highbanker in it backpack the strap broke with nothing else in it. No big deal at all. Ran a bunch of material and had a blast. It is nice to buy something that works well and exactly the way it should without modifications. Thanks Crux team. You are amazing. Keep you updated on the ongoing review. (Picture is of a Two 3 gallon buckets of material on initial test run.)

Thank you so much Mike!

Regarding your one negative thing; The storage bag failures have been common feedback. I just received my new, stronger bags to replace the ones that come with the systems. They are thicker material and the strap layout is different so it puts less stress on the seams so they should hold up much better.

All new purchases will come with the new style bag, and I will be reaching out to all of my existing customers and sending replacements to anyone that wants one(yourself included). If you'd like a new style bag, please get in touch and I can arrange it for you very soon.

Thank you again!

Rob K
Works like a champ

This was my first prospecting purchase beyond hand tools. I have it setup with a 12v bilge pump and it works great. It is simple to use and finds 99% or more of the gold we run through it. I keep checking the tailing piles and not finding any gold left behind. My biggest concern was finding a quality highbanker that was highly mobile. This fits the bill.

sarah brewer
The Maine prospector

I have been having fun with my new high banker. it's been great using it to test a bunch of spots when a pan really isn't enough. my only issues are the bag it came in ripped easy so its useless and I thought I was actually was getting a back pack. the electric pump dose work well enough but using my 1 inch gas powered pump is way better. i've used it about 8 times and the hopper is getting damaged or scratched up from rocks. perhaps a metal insert would be good for this like grizzly bars. other than that i would have liked it more if it was 6 inches wider and gotten a purple one like pioneer Pauly's

Thank you for the feedback! I wanted to respond to a couple comments here if it's ok. First, the bags that come with the system are intended more for storage, however, this feedback has come up before and I'm working on a new version of the bags that are stronger and can withstand being used to carry the system. Also, like most highbankers, the more water you can get the better, so gas water pumps are far more versatile and provide far more water than bilge pumps. And lastly, the abrasion on the hopper is completely normal considering it's built to have rocks and gravel thrown at it. I have planned for that by significantly thickening the hopper floor and screens. However, if you do manage to wear it out or if it ever fails, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss replacement options. Thank you again! -Cyle

john gundlach

Lightweight. Portable. Easy to set up and breaks down.

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