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Gold Trek 6" Backpack Highbanker - Carbon Fiber

Gold Trek 6" Backpack Highbanker - Carbon Fiber


A proprietary carbon fiber and nylon composite with incredible properties worth every penny. About 10% lighter but stronger and more abrasion resistant than standard composite nylon. For gear enthusiasts who want to shave every ounce from their kit. 

Specially engineered for a balance of strength and toughness that can withstand all weather conditions, composite nylon has high impact, bending, and twisting resistance. It's lighter, quieter, and outperforms any aluminum or steel sheet system on the market. 


Large, open-design hopper with integrated water line

3/8" and 1/2" interchangeable grizzly screen classifier

6 inch x 38 inch sluice box that breaks in half and nests for efficient storage and transport

Crux Prospecting designed, modular Gold Treads A/T Sluice Matting with hold down strip compatible with most 3rd party sluice mats

Fully adjustable flared leg system for maximum stability

Standard 1 inch NPT threaded PVC intake adapter with intake screen

Fully stainless steel hardware plus extras in case of loss

Total weight : 10.4 lbs

Packed Dimensions: 22" x 10" x 9"

Base systems do not include pumps or hoses. Build a kit and save 20% on our addon options when purchasing a Gold Trek Highbanker! Discounts automatically applied at checkout.

Patent Pending. Designed and Assembled in Canada, Manufactured in the USA.

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