Collection: Gold Trek Backpack Highbankers

The most innovative highbanker on the market. Period. 

We have specially designed this system for maximum productivity in the smallest package possible while keeping every feature you want in a modern highbanker.

If you need help choosing a water supply for your Gold Trek, please see our pump selection information page.

Our Highbankers are proudly Designed and Assembled in Canada, and Manufactured in the USA!

    Features and Specs

    Our patented design includes;

    • Large, unobstructed hopper with integrated water line
    • V-notch hopper floor to help control flow and direct material toward the center
    • Standard 1 inch NPT threaded PVC water intake
    • 3/8" and 1/2" interchangeable snap-in classifiers
    • 6" x 38" sluice box that breaks in half and nests for efficient storage and transport
    • Neoprene rubber sluice damper
    • Gold Treads A/T Sluice Matting with hold down strip compatible with many 3rd party sluice mats
    • Fully adjustable flared leg system for maximum stability
    • All stainless steel hardware
    • NO TOOLS REQUIRED! No hardware to remove for cleanup or disassembly. No more lost wing nuts! (spares still included just in case)
    • *NEW* Custom made duffel style mesh storage bag

    Set-up Dimensions:

    • 1.5 gallon hopper capacity
    • 6" x 38" Sluice
    • 20" legs

    Packed Dimensions:

    • 22" x 10" x 9"

    Full Assembly Weight;

    • Recycled Black, Green/Orange and Green/Black Composite Nylon: 12.4 lbs
    • Black Carbon Fiber Composite: 11.2 lbs
    • Recycled Impact Co-Polymers: 9.3 lbs