Gold Trek Lite - Pioneer Pauly Purple

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Super Duper Special Purple Highbanker Sale ENDS at Midnight on Tuesday, June 11! Don't miss out!

Now available due to popular demand! Our Gold Trek Lite - Purple Backpack Highbanker, also known as the SUPER DUPER PURPLE HIGHBANKER is custom made for our favorite silly prospector Pioneer Pauly! Made with 100% recycled high-impact co-polymer that was originally used in salad and strawberry harvesting containers. We recover, clean and recycle this high-grade material and repurpose it for use in the first release of our line of Gold Trek Lite Backpack Highbankers!

The impact copolymers used in the Gold Trek Lite are lighter, more flexible and sharp impact resistant than the composite materials of the Gold Trek Pro. These features are at the cost of slightly reduced durability when it comes to abrasion and wear resistance.

Packed weight : 9.9 lbs

Designed and Assembled in Canada, Manufactured in the USA.